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We Are God’s Cookies!


Ken and I have been watching baking shows.  One thing I notice is that the judges like flavor.  They want you to season what you’re making with spices and such so that it bursts in your mouth.  That’s what eating is all about to them.  It’s not just a way to satisfy hunger.  It’s to enjoy all of the wonderful tastes .

And watching this led me to another thought.  Each one of us is a creation of God, and he’s given each of us a delicious taste.  Now don’t think I’m crazy with this analogy.  But I think God put his spice into each one us.  Every person has these wonderful traits that make them delightful — compassionate, humor, creativity, and so on.

The thing is, that if you’re like me, you don’t let your flavors come out.  I’m often afraid that I will put my foot in my mouth, or that people won’t like the real me.  So I keep myself bland.  I just focus on following the Bible and being like it says.

Some of this is because I let my fears rule me.  When I was young, I never fit into the popular group.  It was like they somehow sensed I was different, and they wouldn’t really let me in.  So I got this idea in my head that my personality doesn’t have the “it” factor.  And then there were things along the way that seemed to confirm this.  One time a friend got angry with me and listed the times she’d seen me be awkward.  In my head I was like, “See? There’s something wrong with me.”  I became more self-conscious, and afraid to be myself.

But now I am getting more in touch with who I am, and I realize that I do have all of these delightful ingredients in me.  And yes, I might stick my foot in my mouth sometimes.  But I have to be me.  I cant just make myself bland.  I can’t give into fear.

There’s a reason Jesus told stories like the parable of the talents. (Matthew 25:14-30) The servant with one talent was called wicked because he was afraid of his master, so he hid the talent.  He didn’t take risks like the other servants did with their talents.  And that shows us that God wants us to use what we have.  He wants us to be spicy, as he created us.

It also reminds me of the Sermon on the Mount, when Jesus said we are a light, and we can’t hide that light.   We are the salt, and we can’t lose our saltiness.  Sure, I think Jesus said this because he wants us to let our faith shine.  But I also think that we are his creation, and he wants ALL of us to shine – who we were made to be, and the faith we have.

So after watching baking shows, my husband was like, “Can we make one of these recipes?”  We were planning to celebrate my son in law’s birthday, and that seemed like a great occasion to do so.  So I found a ginger cookie ice cream sandwich recipe made with all kind of spices and fresh ginger, and baked it, along with the help of my grandson.  Those cookies were so yummy!! The seasonings made them burst with flavor!

Which brings me back to the original concept: God made us all like these cookies.  We have the bursting flavors of great qualities in us. Let those flavors stand out!  Let’s not hide them, as I am often tempted to do.  Let’s fully be ourselves, and celebrate who we are.  And if we stick our foot in our mouth, or if someone gives us negativity, it doesn’t have to shut us down.  Yes, we might need to work on our insensitivity, or selfishness or whatever.  But we still have characteristics in us that make us shine.

We are who we are.  And who we are is delightful to God.

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