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The fall rain that was not forecast continues

Gentle tapping on the roof

In a year when nothing has gone as expected —

When the summer was too hot

With pregnant clouds that lurked, unpredictable;

When disease rose up to steal dreams

And the clear path faded,

Stability became instability.

So I go out and welcome the refreshing touches

Of cool droplets on my face

The drizzle that presages another season;

The surety that things are unfolding

As they should.


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Summer Spell

Late in the day

The summer has lulled me

Into dreaminess

And I sit on the porch and read

Caught in a spell of lethargy

Until I finally rise

And sleepwalk outside

To trim hedges

In the warm bath of dusk.

I shear branches

In a futile endeavor

To contain July

Its growth as profuse

As the swelling buzz of cicadas.

I take in the pink smears of sky

Pastels spreading in dampness

Birds flapping

Cleaving the heavy air

Wasps hovering and lingering

Like the heat

That stretches into tomorrow

While the half moon winks at me

Playing tricks

Like the summer.

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Transforming Time


I only have this day

this holy moment.

It is a gift.

I am not owed.

Let not the piranhas

of worry


the undertow of emotions

take hold.

Let me just

in this breath


fill up

with the good

the sacred

the beauty hiding

in a thousand


scenes around me,

find joy

in each simple task.


each moment

each day

with grace.



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Awake on Christmas Eve

Childhood Christmas

Too excited for sleep

Watching the night sky through the window by my bed

Trying to glimpse the twinkle of sleigh lights

Every sound magnified, every moment an hour

Dozing and on and off dreaming of Christmas morning

Finally enough time passes. My brother and I sneak down and get our stockings

Tiptoeing through the shadows

Giggling, hearts beating loud, when we bump and make a noise

Bringing the stockings back to our room

Pouring them out on our bed, immeasurable riches of candy and trinkets.


Other Christmases visiting family

Driving through a night so dark and bright with stars it embodies Christmas

Coming to a porch light on the prairie

Loved ones spilling out the door, enveloping us with hugs


Nights of Christmas caroling

Arm in arm in the frozen air

Hearts bursting with togetherness

Then gathering around the piano

Singing song after song while my mother played

Eating cookies, mounds of chocolate, nuts and marshmallows, indescribably good

Never wanting the moment to stop, just one more carol.


Then married, still not sleeping on Christmas Eve.

Still getting a stocking

Anticipation still keeping me awake.

At the in-laws’, walking through the neighborhood in the balmy Florida night to see the lights

Santa driving around in a golf cart, bringing candy for the children

Talking late by the fire, drinking boiled custard

It’s still magical.


Children come

And after we put them to bed in their Christmas pajamas,

Leaving cookies for Santa

My mother and I stay up late

Assembling toys and stuffing stockings

There’s a special feeling in the air we share


And then she’s gone

And it’s become work

Baking, shopping, wrapping, attending parties and programs

Trying to recreate the magic for my children

Finding that it can never be made, only experienced

In blissful unexpected moments

I fall asleep on the Eve more easily now.


The children grow up and leave

For years, I can’t bring myself to get out the decorations

But today, I put out the little houses that were my mother-in-law’s

Hope shining from their windows as I light them

I arrange the memory laden things throughout the house

The elves wink at me as they’re frozen in play

The mantle sparkles

The figures from Rudolph look like they might come alive when we go to bed

And the child in me awakes

The magic lives on

And maybe this year on Christmas Eve

I won’t be able to sleep.




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Snowy path

Walking in Your grace

With assurance, all’s in place.

Bowing, on my face

Breathe the stillness, cease the chase.

Dancing to Your pace

Beauty seen makes my heart race.

Thanking for each trace

Signs of goodness fill my space.

Lifting up Your case

Seek to please You, Your embrace.

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Living Differently

May I live fearlessly this day —

Stepping out boldly

Because I belong to the LAND that is solid.

May I live confidently this day —

Acting with strength

Because that the one in me is greater than the one in the world.

May I live passionately this day —

Making each moment a reverent celebration of God

May I live gratefully this day —

Loving, serving, pouring myself out

Because I am aware of the infinite miracle of being saved

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Song Based on Ps 145

New Zealand pix by Hamilton Von Weigand

New Zealand pix by Hamilton Von Weigand

I will exalt you, my God and my king

Forever and ever your name I will praise

Every day your blessings I’ll sing

Gladly extolling your name for all days

Yes, gladly extolling your name for all days


Most worthy of praise is the Lord who is great

So awesome beyond what we can comprehend

One generation to next will relate

Your mighty deeds they will laud and commend

Your mighty deeds they will laud and commend


They’ll say you’re majestic with glorious splendor

I will dwell on amazing things done

They will tell of your works, awesome power

I’ll declare your great deeds to each one

Yes, I’ll declare your great deeds to each one.

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June 28, 2013 · 1:13 pm