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Fear (A Poem)

tumultuous waters

There’s a thundering

I pretend not to hear

But it’s so loud

That I’m deaf to everything else

This looming tsunami

Filling my ears with the certainty

That I will be swept away

Father, come close

Look with me at my fears

Let me know the lies

Let me hear the promise

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you”

Louder than the roar

Of the tumultuous tide.



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The Blessing (A Poem)


Sometimes I receive a blessing so big

That I sit still

Because it doesn’t fit into my view

And I have to let my soul expand

As I appreciate

Like lapping waves of an incoming tide

Like dawn

When the sky changes color over the mirror of the sea

And pink steals over the horizon

And the sun, making a gleaming trail

Rises until all of the world is sparkling brilliance

My heart soars.

I am carried away

By the unimaginable joy of what has been given.

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Friends of My Heart (A Poem)

Leaves 2

Floating Leaves, by Bryan Robberts

My friends,

Each of you is my lifeblood,

We’re connected,

Your breaths are my breaths.

But sometimes, I don’t know how to communicate.

I want to hear how you’re really doing.

I want to be the sister of your heart.

Sometimes, all I can do is pray for you,

with longing that you’ll flourish and resist temptation.

If only we could join hands and remain clasped

through every flood.

But the currents of life keep us bobbing about,

Sometimes close, and sometimes apart.

You bump up against me,

And I say, “Hold, on, we can make it together!”

Until you’re swept in another  direction,

And I’m left, remembering our shared breaths,

As I spin downstream.

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Why Am I Not? (A Poem)

goose nesting

Why am I not where I think I should be?

What would it take to find contentment where I am?

I have to not listen to the voices that yearn for affirmation.

I have to settle down, like a goose roosting on a nest of down.

I have to let the day happen to me

And open my ears to the Spirit

And find the treasures in the hours.

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The fall rain that was not forecast continues

Gentle tapping on the roof

In a year when nothing has gone as expected —

When the summer was too hot

With pregnant clouds that lurked, unpredictable;

When disease rose up to steal dreams

And the clear path faded,

Stability became instability.

So I go out and welcome the refreshing touches

Of cool droplets on my face

The drizzle that presages another season;

The surety that things are unfolding

As they should.

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Summer Spell

Late in the day

The summer has lulled me

Into dreaminess

And I sit on the porch and read

Caught in a spell of lethargy

Until I finally rise

And sleepwalk outside

To trim hedges

In the warm bath of dusk.

I shear branches

In a futile endeavor

To contain July

Its growth as profuse

As the swelling buzz of cicadas.

I take in the pink smears of sky

Pastels spreading in dampness

Birds flapping

Cleaving the heavy air

Wasps hovering and lingering

Like the heat

That stretches into tomorrow

While the half moon winks at me

Playing tricks

Like the summer.

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Transforming Time


I only have this day

this holy moment.

It is a gift.

I am not owed.

Let not the piranhas

of worry


the undertow of emotions

take hold.

Let me just

in this breath


fill up

with the good

the sacred

the beauty hiding

in a thousand


scenes around me,

find joy

in each simple task.


each moment

each day

with grace.



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