Friends of My Heart (A Poem)

Leaves 2

Floating Leaves, by Bryan Robberts

My friends,

Each of you is my lifeblood,

We’re connected,

Your breaths are my breaths.

But sometimes, I don’t know how to communicate.

I want to hear how you’re really doing.

I want to be the sister of your heart.

Sometimes, all I can do is pray for you,

with longing that you’ll flourish and resist temptation.

If only we could join hands and remain clasped

through every flood.

But the currents of life keep us bobbing about,

Sometimes close, and sometimes apart.

You bump up against me,

And I say, “Hold, on, we can make it together!”

Until you’re swept in another  direction,

And I’m left, remembering our shared breaths,

As I spin downstream.

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