A Friend A Day 2015 — A Sharpened Arrow

sharpened arrow

. . .  he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.  Is 49:2

. . . if you utter worthy, not worthless, words, you will be my spokesman. Jer.  15:19

Yesterday, I started on my “friend a day” challenge again.  I want so much to share the goodness I have.  The only way to do that is to meet more people.

I believe that God is continually blessing us.  And I believe that one way God gives good things is through each one of us as we give to others.  I need to be the instrument that God can use for bestowing blessings on the world.

So even though it would have been easy to stay at the house yesterday — it was cold, grey and spitting rain all day — I determined I would go out and run a couple of errands.

First of all, I decided that I could not do this on my own.  Yes, I could gut it out by my own strength, but I knew that wouldn’t produce any results.  So I prayed that whatever happened, God would be with me, and focused on that.

My first stop was Target.  I got a large purple plastic tub that was on sale for $5.99 to store Christmas lights in, and some shiny wrapping paper that was 70% off.

Wait!  I was getting distracted.  I reminded myself to stay focused.  I went shopping for people.  I saw a woman with a bleached mop of yellow of hair  trying to find party supplies with her daughter.  “We’ll have to go to Walmart” she said, frustrated, as she looked at the selection of invitations and printed plates.

“Be sure you go to the Walmart that has a good selection of party supplies,” I told her.  “The one in Auburn doesn’t have much to choose from.”

She thanked me and went on her way.  I didn’t share my faith, but I get get my creaky evangelism wheel turning a bit.  I had started a conversation, and I had been helpful to someone.

At Ross, I found a young friendly woman looking at dog beds.  We started talking about our dogs.  She and her boyfriend had just gotten a bulldog mix puppy, and it was sleeping on her boyfriend’s coat.  She couldn’t let that happen, thus her perusal of the canine cushions.  I invited her to church, and she said she had a church, but mine might be a good one to visit in the future.  I gave her an invitation.

Then I talked to the checkout clerk, a slender African American girl, who warmed up and glowed as we started a conversation.  She was very happy to take an invitation to church.

So as I think about how this went, I was happy to get out and try to make something happen.  But I also have some areas I want to work on —

  1.  Care more about people as I talk to them — for instance, I could have asked more about the young woman’s dog, how old it was, was it a good dog, etc.
  2.  Look for people I would want to be my friend.  The young girls are good, and they need to know the gospel.  But I think I shy away from starting conversations with the women more my age.
  3. I would like for there to be more actual faith sharing going on, not just asking someone to church. I would like to have more of a conversation .  What do you like about church?  What are you looking for in a church?  This is what I like about my church.  And so on.

In my life lately, I’ve been dull, amorphous.  I need to be sharper, more focused on specifics.  Although I want to trust and let it be up to God, I have to be intentional as well.  I need to pray for wisdom on what to focus on.  I need to let myself be sharpened by God into an instrument He can use to do His good AND speak worthy words.

Through (Jesus Christ our Lord) we have received God’s kindness and the privilege of being apostles who bring people from every nation to the obedience that is associated with faith. This is for the honor of his name.   Romans 1:5

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