Savor Gratitude

raining on crops

“Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God.”  Heb 6:7

I am showered with good things from God every day.  If I “drink these in,” if I am grateful for them, my heart expands and produces fruit — a full and abundant life.

But I can also be like the land that is hard, and doesn’t drink in the rain.  I can ignore the good things.  I can instead focus on what I don’t have.  My heart turns hard and bitter, and I become like soil that can’t grow anything but thorns and weeds.

Dry earth

Gratitude creates fertile soil from which a rich future can grow.

I recently read a devotional by Sherry Rouse about gratitude.  This is what she said she has learned:

Doing well spiritually includes, more than anything, learning to be grateful.  “I think that over the last year I would not have ‘survived’ spiritually if I had not concentrated on gratefulness.”  (Sherry Rouse)

Sherry started listing what she is grateful for, and her list is up to 500.  But she said that after awhile, she stopped writing numerous things every day on her list,  “I needed to savor the gratefulness. So one or two things a day is all I list.”

SAVOR THE GRATEFULNESS.  I like that.  Surely, as Mary treasured the happenings surrounding the birth of Jesus in her heart (Luke 2:19), we need to also treasure meaningful things. We need to hold onto the goodness, keep it close to us, be defined by it.

Life can be hard.  The constant discouragement can be like hot sun on our hearts, making them dry and crusty.  We have to recognize the rain, the blessings, and let them penetrate us to the depth of our souls.

rain on dry ground


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2 responses to “Savor Gratitude

  1. leslie koske

    Your words are like a rainbow bringing joy and insight.

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