Enjoy the Ride! — 6 Things I Am Learning

1. That prayer is an act of service.  The BEST thing I can do to serve others is to pray.


2. That I need to be filled by God before I pray or serve.  There has to be time spent in praise.  It is like opening the sunroof of my heart so God can shine in.


3. “People are starving for the awe of God. . . they’ve left untouched the most ancient and aching need, the one stitched into the fabric of their souls:   to know and love a transcendent God.  . . Our souls find satisfaction only in the God who is grand enough to worship and close enough to love.”  From this book:

Yawning At Tigers

Incredible star birth captured by Hubble

Incredible star birth captured by Hubble

4. Take deep, centering breaths that focus me on God. In my Christian yoga class I’ve learned that focusing on deep breathing, while being aware of God, is one of the most relaxing and centering things there is.  Whenever I do it, the distractions drop away and the world comes into perspective.

yoga breath

5. Trust, and enjoy the ride! I am so performance oriented.  I can get anxious in the many situations life puts me in.  When I realize that God is a serving God, and He is taking care of me, I can trust.  I can roll with the ups and downs. 

roller coaster

6.  God is the only one who can work things out the right way.  I face so many challenging circumstances.  How am I going to get through this?  How will there be a favorable outcome instead of the negative one that seems certain to come to pass.  In each situation, I remember that only God can work the right way forward.  Only God can construct the correct outcome.

path of light


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