Stand in Awe

Stand in awe.

“Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Ex 14:13-14

Sometimes I go from fear to fear.  I am anxious about something.  When it is resolved I feel so much better.  But then I move on to the next thing I fear, waiting for it to be resolved.

Instead, I should stand in awe always, reverent before the Almighty, merciful, faithful God, waiting to be amazed by Him.

I am in awe at how we have a baptism today, how God has brought this girl so far.  I am in awe that there were 15 people at the young professionals event last night, that God is working so mightily in that area.  I am in awe with how God helped a long time situation to get resolved and now the person involved is being so effective.  I see so many areas where God is working.

Today, instead of praying in fear, let me be on my knees in my heart, in quietness, in anticipation, in respect for Him.

Look how God has worked in the past:

“Then the LORD said to Moses, “Pharaoh will not listen to you, so that My wonders will be multiplied in the land of Egypt.”…  Ex 11:9

“At the end of the 430 years, to the very day, all the LORD’s divisions left Egypt.” Ex 12:41

One of my favorite Exodus verses I came across this week is this one:

“That night the LORD kept watch to take them out of Egypt. (All Israelites in future generations must keep watch on this night, since it is dedicated to the LORD.)”  Ex 12:42

The Lord keeps watch over our darkest nights.

I remember one night when I was around 20, and I had a really bad stomach ache.  I woke up my dad and stepmom to see if they had something that could help me.  My dad stayed up with me for awhile to make sure I was feeling better. He held vigil with me.

There is something very comforting about someone holding vigil with you. When we took my mom off life support, my brother and I stayed at the hospital.  All night we would go into her room and talk to her, tell her it was okay.  I believe it was helpful to my mother.  I know it was helpful for me to have my brother with me there, and to not do it alone.

Jesus wanted his closest friends to hold vigil with him on his darkest night.

“Then he said to them, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.” Matt 26:38

Although the friends could not give Jesus the support he needed, God provided it.  Jesus was strengthened to the point that he was able to go to the cross.  Satan did not win.  Although Jesus was crucified, the things that could be feared did not win out.  Instead, people stood in awe at the amazing way God worked through the resurrection.  People are still in awe of this to this day.

God keeps watch over our darkest night.

“He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. … The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; 8the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  Ps 121

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”  Ps 23

God holds vigil with us, and we need to do the same for Him.  How do we keep vigil with God today?  We remain alert always, always giving our best to Him instead of slacking off.

“At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. . . “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”  Matt 25:1-4, 13

Satan wants me to slack off.  He wants me to compromise. I call it spiritual entropy — we tend to wear down and head towards mediocrity over time.  One of the ways he does this is by distracting me with my fears.

And there are many things to fear.  There are wicked people. They do wreak havoc.

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”  Matt 24:13

Stand firm to the end. Stand still. Stand in awe.  Stand like Paul did when he was taken in prison.  He sang instead of dwelling on his fears.  Stand like Jesus did when a storm came up and he was on the boat with his disciples.  He slept.  He was at peace.

God, you are awesome.  May I focus on that today.  May I wait for your glory to be revealed as is shall be, over and over again.

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