Friend #6: On the Receiving End

During the first days of this make-a-friend-a-day challenge I set for myself, it was all me doing the reaching out.  For the past couple of days, people have reached out to me.

In my last blog I wrote of my car wreck.  Two women in separate vehicles immediately stopped and ran over to make sure I was okay, and then stayed with me until all of the police business was finished.  They encouraged and supported me, and we almost wanted to hug to say goodbye.  At that point I was too befuddled to find out much about them, but they gave to me out of the warmth of their hearts and I was so appreciative.

The next day I stayed home and recuperated.  Today I used Ken’s car to run errands.  I got some blood labs done in the morning, and had a great talk with the lab technician, a gentle friendly woman I’ve talked with before.  When I shared with her how my week had gone, and about my accident, she opened up about some challenges she was having in her life as well.  She gave me great spiritual advice about how to cope.  I invited her to our upcoming chili cookoff and she loved the idea and said she would like to come.  It was a very encouraging time, even if I did have to have three vials of blood taken from my arm!

Then this afternoon I went to get my bangs trimmed.  My hair dresser and I chatted about what is going on in our lives. She is a very sweet woman, Southern to the core — one of those eternal caretakers who is raising her second family.  As I left, she threw her arms around me and held me tight as she prayed for my recovery, and for blessings for me.

I want my life to be about giving to others.  I admit, I had just written a blog about no excuses, but I didn’t push through to reach out to others on the day of my wreck.  But God is gracious.  He provided friends for me, instead of the other way around.  There are many good people in the world.  To God be the glory!


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