Friend #1 — Life is Richer

Today, pursuing my challenge to make more friends, I attended a screening of a documentary at the Jules Collins Art Museum. “Between the Folds.”  (Plus, seeing one of the film showings at the museum is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  The timing finally worked out!)  I entered the auditorium and looked at the smattering of people spread among the seats.  It seemed like they were either retired folk or students.  I saw a woman sitting alone in the second row, and went and sat next to her, allowing a seat in between us.  She was looking at the art museum magazine.

“Hi,” I ventured, summoning my courage and starting the conversation.  The nicely dressed sixtyish woman, “B,” turned out to be a great person to get to know.  As we chatted, I learned how she has lived three times in Auburn.  I was inspired that she started working on degrees in history at Auburn after her children were grown, and how she completed all her course work for her PhD.  I was impressed that when she then moved to a neighboring Southern state, she then found a great job working at a university with international students.  Her life continued to blossom in later years, just as I hope mine will continue to do.

We only had five or ten minutes to chat and get acquainted.  But when the lights went out, we both had someone to share the movie watching experience with.  When we laughed, it was like we were laughing together.  When we were astounded by the absolutely beautiful and cool origami works we saw in the movie, it was so much better to have someone to marvel with.

Life is richer when you have someone to share it with, even if it is only for an hour.  It was worth opening my mouth.

“Two are better than one.”  Ecc 4:9


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2 responses to “Friend #1 — Life is Richer

  1. Kat, I watched part of the film and I was inspired by the passion! YOU inspire me!

  2. Thanks, Jenifer. We inspire one another. It is only in conjunction with others that I am complete and can go forward.

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