Dreaming with God

(Sorry, lost the name of the artist)

(Sorry, lost the name of the artist)

I had this blog I was just about to post that I spent a lot of time on.  Somehow it didn’t get saved (I think I hadn’t hit “edit” for the revision) and I lost it.  Waah!

And so I move on.  The thing that stood out to me in the blog was how important unity is as a part of God’s overarching plan: “And this is the plan: when times reach their fulfillment, God will bring everything together under the authority of Christ–everything in heaven and on earth.”  (Eph 1:9-10)  God’s will, his plan for the cosmos, is that things come together and that there is no longer self centered chaos, but all is in harmony with Him.  The way this will be implemented is through Christ.  Everyone and everything must acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, and go forward in subjection to Him.

When I think of God’s will, I think in terms of people being saved.  This is definitely a part of it.  Or I think of this mysterious unknowable plan being carried out that I must surrender to daily.  That is true as well.  But the verse in Ephesians points to something much more mind blowing.

I love the idea of harmony, of being in sync with God.  I was talking to a sister yesterday, and she was sharing how she just wanted to know what God had planned for her life.  Ultimately, she wanted to live every day knowing that she was walking in step with God and His will.  We want each action we take to resonate with meaning, that it’s not just a random doing that floats off into obscurity, but that it contributes to something.  We want to feel that life is a dance and we participate in its beauty, not that we are just flailing around trying to find the beat.

Ken just read me parts an article by John Oaks on post modernism.  One thing that post modernism values is community.  People know and realize that life isn’t just about them as individuals, that they must learn to respect others.  I watched a documentary on happiness, and it showed that some of the happiest people in the world lived in family like communities in Denmark and Okinawa.  Unity is something wonderful and powerful.

But unity comes at a price of subjugating self. This is especially true of Christian unity, where we are all under the Lordship of Christ. How can we still celebrate our individuality?

If we are a community, it works because each of us makes a unique contribution.  Ephesians 4 and I Corinthians 12 make it clear that the church is a body and each of us has different functions.

But what I am thinking about is the ability to still have my own dreams, not selfish dreams, but for my heart to soar to an even greater extent because God can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.  Tom Brown did a lesson on dreaming Thursday, and I have just started to think on what he said.  Thinking of it makes me emotional.  I long to be a dreamer, but I feel the pain of failure as well.

My dream is to join with the Master Craftsman in the beauty of creation, to use my talents to somehow communicate how amazing He is, to inspire hearts to soar, to explore the the limitlessness of artistic expression.  I want to I purposefully swirl beautiful colors, shapes and designs across the canvas of God’s will,  painting beauty through this dark, dead world.

God dreams of unity.  I don’t understand how it all works, but I want to have a passion for the dreams of God, for His will to be done.  God dreams of all being brought into harmony.  That is something that resonates in my heart as well.

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