Sacred Synchronicity

Walking with grace


That each thing has its place

Finding the beauty and sacredness in the moment

The hush of the morning air

The riot of green in the trees

The ripening fruit

The vivid contrast of flowers that surprise the landscape

Like the realization of hope

All is holy and follows counsel

Dancing to music unheard by our ears

And like the deaf who feel vibrations

We join in, caught up in something bigger than ourselves

The touch of a loved one

A kiss that lengthens time

Sharing a kindness

Offering a gift of sacrifice

Beauty that grows and is contagious

Making a drab and hopeless world come awake with color

And then our hearts burst and we sing

And praise

And hug

And marvel

That life could be like a vibrant symphony

All the pieces coming together in a swell of celebration

So much more than we anticipated

Until the decrescendo

Everything falling into the quiet of the end of the day

And we are left with an imprint

Like a photograph

That we try to hold onto

To give us hope for tomorrow.

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