The Grey Object

Grey Object

There’s something God wants me to learn

He’s placed it like a grey object at my feet

Silent, almost unnoticeable

What is it?  It’s too hard to look

I want to chase after so many colorful ideas

Run around and stay busy

And there’s this object at my feet

Something that is not readily apparent

And I don’t want to invest my energy in it.

But all of the running around has made me feel like I’m just running around

Without really connecting with something meaningful

And solid

And ongoing

So I sit down and stare at this grey object

My thoughts swirl like blind flying insects

What does it mean?

I want to figure it out, but I have to resist, or I will not know

And I remember the importance of sitting at the feet of Jesus

Just listening

What do you want me to learn, God?

And after a while I see compassion

I see the importance of genuinely caring for others

I see the connectedness of all events

I see that there is purpose in the small things

That I need to trust, and listen.


Is not something that can be achieved

It is a gift

And in quietness the grey object gives

A bit at a time





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2 responses to “The Grey Object

  1. This is moving and it truly speaks to where I am many times. I love to try and lean on my own understanding and figure things out. Thank you for being used to ground me. Love you! Jen

  2. Listening and trusting is a daily challenge! But there is MUCH reward in doing so. Thank you for your encouragement, Love you too!

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