The Wall


There’s something good on the other side of this wall

I want to stop

It’s too tall

It’s too hard

God wants me to rest, I tell myself.

But let me apply small but relentless pressure

Steadily moving forward

God, you know a way over this wall.

You know a way through it.

You know how to rearrange the bricks so it isn’t a wall anymore

It’s a doorway.

Bound tightly in You, I can be empowered

The wall is nothing to you

Less than paper

The bright shining, loving force that is You

Laughs at the wall

You put it there, it’s part of your landscape

It’s not an obstacle

It’s an apparition of fear

So let me walk in your brightness,

The hope that is like a sparking ball of energy

Let me not be distracted by fatigue, moodiness

May my motivation not disintegrate through the hours into procrastination


Or when I feel strong enough

I can tackle the wall

You are the strength!

Let me go to you on my knees throughout the day

Begging you for something so far outside of myself

It doesn’t even seem to make sense to pray for it

With your help I can bend a bow of bronze!

May your mercy be with me, that I cannot give up the fight today

And may I remember to glorify you when that occurs.

You are so utterly sovereign over all things

I will be celebrating when I’m on the other side

I will be laughing in amazement at how I passed through the fire unburned

I will marvel at how each brick rearranged itself to the perfect place

Satan, the Lord’s army wins again!

Ha!  Take that!

I will not cower in weariness at this wall.

As long as I am safe, warm in the breast of the Savior

Keeping my eyes on His radiant generous power

We will move forward

With steady relentless steps

Not even seeing the wall

But excited about the dymanic possibilities

Of an infinitely good future.


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3 responses to “The Wall

  1. Powerful! Well done!

  2. love the thought of God rearranging the bricks on the wall …to form a door.

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