Because he has Exalted Himself…

Let him stagger and fall like a drunkard, because he has exalted himself, magnified himself, against the LORD.  (Jer 48:26)

Moab will be destroyed as a people because he has exalted himself against the LORD

Life is about so much more than just me.  But I am egocentric and make it about me.  I condense the universe to my sphere, and make whatever happens in my life supremely important.  Life is about more than my daily accomplishments, or even what I help others accomplish.  God is using what is going on in my spectrum as one small part of a vast machinery, a working that is grand and wonderful.   And when I am upset about things going wrong in my sphere, can I not see that  it doesn’t matter so much if my feelings are hurt?  I feel like all of life can be reduced down to my one mistake, that one thing that is going awry, and that repercussions from that will change the direction of reality.

It’s more than me.  It’s more than our church.  It is about billions of people who are hungry, billions who are crying out in hopelessness.  God is balancing political kingdoms.  There are adjustments in this universe that need to be made.  All is not chaos.

And just as I need to trust God with the administration of the world, I need to sit back, let go, and let Him administrate the events around me.

At Bible talk last night we discussed the story of Naaman and how Naaman had a preconceived notion of how God should work.  I didn’t think I was struggling with that until today.  I am not trusting how the universe is operating.  Something happens and I feel like I need to be the boy who sticks his finger in the dike.  I am uneasy that this is not part of God’s plan.

In the end, I must remember the importance of humility, the face-bowed-to-the-dirt-I-don’t-know-anything-I-just-need-to-be-still kind of humility.  “Who is this who darkens my counsel with words without knowledge?”  (Job 38:2) I cannot magnify myself above God.

In the end I am like a cat creeping warily towards the water bowl.  I am not sure what dangers or pitfalls are lurking, but I want to lap a few drops of the cool pure refreshment and comfort that God always provides.

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  1. Truly can relate to this… I get upset with how our nation is being run, and the repercussions of the decisions made by the politicians who seem to have no thought but of their own re-election campaigns. I see grocery prices rising, I hear people stuggling, I see welfare going through the roof and people milking the system, I hear my parents struggling to compete with a global economy and other countries who do not hinder entrepreneurial progress. And I get angry, I feel sad and betrayed. My parents worked all their lives, we had so little time together because of their work, we never went on vacation but one little time for a weekend in Germany. Other than that, they were busy, it was a tacit statement to me that work was most important. I love them, and I want all their work to have at least meant something. But in the end, it all means nothing. Who am I to darken GODs counsel with words without knowledge…. May GOD be forever EXALTED.

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